About Kubernetes architecture 3; Debugging

  • The image might not be existing
  • The image tag might be wrongly placed
  • The image might be in a private repository.
  • When the liveness probe(Kubelet uses liveness probe to know when to start a container) keeps failing severally, the container is ready to keep trying for as long as possible.
  • When you misconfigured your container, probably image is built but the wrong configuration is hindering it from starting.
  • You can check for the logs using kubectl logs pod(pod name)
  • If the logs seem much, you can check the tail(the latest details regarding the pod) doing kubectl logs(pod name) --tail=10
  • You could get into the pod to check the configuration using kubectl exec -it pod(pod name)bash



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Alex Emeka Izuka

Alex Emeka Izuka

A Devops engineer integrating project functions and resources across the product lifecycle; from planning, building, testing till deployment.