About Kubernetes architecture (2)

Shipping for everyone
curl -LO "https://dl.k8s.io/release/$(curl -L -s https://dl.k8s.io/release/stable.txt)/bin/linux/amd64/kubectl"
sudo install -o root -g root -m 0755 kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl
kubectl version --client
brew install kubectl
brew install kubernetes-cli
kubectl version --client
curl -LO "https://dl.k8s.io/release/v1.23.0/bin/windows/amd64/kubectl.exe"
kubectl version --client
kubectl create deployment nginx --image nginx
kubectl create -f nginx.yaml
kubectl apply -f configs/
- name:
- containerPort:
kubectl apply -f (file name)
kubectl get pod
kubectl get services
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
kubectl get pods -o wide
kubectl get deployment my-dep
kubectl get pod my-pod -o yaml
kubectl exec -it (pod name)
kubectl get namespace
NAME              STATUS   AGE
default Active 1d
kube-node-lease Active 1d
kube-public Active 1d
kube-system Active 1d
  • default The default namespace for objects with no other namespace
  • kube-system The namespace for objects created by the Kubernetes system
  • kube-public This namespace is created automatically and is readable by all users (including those not authenticated). This namespace is mostly reserved for cluster usage, in case that some resources should be visible and readable publicly throughout the whole cluster. The public aspect of this namespace is only a convention, not a requirement.
  • kube-node-lease This namespace holds Lease objects associated with each node. Node leases allow the kubelet to send heartbeats so that the control plane can detect node failure.
kubectl run nginx --image=nginx --namespace=<insert-namespace-name-here>
kubectl get pods --namespace=<insert-namespace-name-here>
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Alex Emeka Izuka

Alex Emeka Izuka

A Devops engineer integrating project functions and resources across the product lifecycle; from planning, building, testing till deployment.